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Gary Bullock

Screenplay - 104 Pages

Romance; Science fiction

Love; soul mates; science fiction; multiverse; alternate reality; alternate universe; wormhole; black hole; lost love; eternity, end of the world; time; timeless love; elsewhen; teleportation; quantum reality; Adventure; Fantasy, Romance, Spiritual











Very recently, in a galaxy very like our own, on a world that is doomed, an astronomer discovers the love of his life he thought was dead is alive in an alternate universe.  



LAURA BESS is wise and insightful, with a unique view of the nature of Time (it doesn’t exist).  LIJE (Elijah) has a photographic memory.  They are both brilliant Science prodigies, all at the tender age of 8.  They grow up in a small Kansas town, fascinated with astronomy, and the ultimate cosmological questions -- Time, the Universe, and Eternity.  Naturally, they become soul mates.


Laura Bess is lost in a plane crash on her way to an interview at a prestigious California University, at age 17, and Lije is devastated.  Twenty years later Lije is working at a deep space tracking station and discovers a small Black Hole, which threatens the Earth with inevitable, total destruction.  Then a very alive Laura reappears, and explains to a bewildered Lije that she "stepped aside" into another universe to escape death, and cannot stay in his.  Laura, trapped in her universe, works on a top-secret teleportation project.  Because she has been caught vanishing as she "steps aside", she is under suspicion from a prima donna physicist, DR. PERICULE, and a blandly menacing government AGENT FOLTER. She asks Lije to use his unique abilities -- a memory that stretches into both the past and the future -- to find a way out, to another alternate universe they can both share.


Time, whatever that is, is running out.  While the sadistic agent cruelly interrogates Laura in her world, Lije desperately tries to reach her as the doomed Earth’s clock ticks.  But with the help of two friends, DR. EVAN WILLIAMS, and a wise and mysterious Native American woman, MAMA KAJIWIN, they find an ancient path to a new destiny, Elsewhen -- anyplace but here, anytime but now, because the Future just isn't what it used to be..



Author Bio



Gary Bullock was born and raised in East Tennessee. His first play was a one-man show, A. Lincoln, written for himself, in which he portrays the 16th President.  While working as a film and stage actor for many years in Los Angeles, he and his mate Mil Nicholson served as Literary Managers for the Blue Sphere Alliance Theatre.  He was also a member of Playwrights Kitchen Ensemble, and Playwrights 6 writer’s workshop in Hollywood, where several of his scripts were developed.  Writer/directors Frank Pierson and Nicholas Meyer have praised and mentored his work.  Elsewhen was the first place winner of the 2011 Appalachian Film Festival Screenplay competition. His screenplay, Ridge Runner, was a semi-finalist in the Chesterfield Fellowship competition.


Gary and Mil now live in North Carolina, where they are busy writing, recording audiobooks, building and flying model airplanes, raising apples, persimmons, paw-paws, a large organic garden, dogs, and various other small animals.







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