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Mil can be heard on the special edition of Peter Jackson's Lord of the Rings, narrating the life of J.R.R. Tolkien,
and on's edition of the 8 book series A Man of His Word, and A Handful of Men, by Dave Duncan.

She also records for, and has made it her goal to record the complete works of Charles Dickens.

As of January 9, 2013, her Dickens recordings have been downloaded over 100,000 times.
Mil narrates and performs all individual character voices.

Dombey and Son was cataloged January 23, 2009.

Barnaby Rudge was catalogued October 27, 2009.

The Old Curiosity Shop was catalogued July 5, 2010.

Our Mutual Friend was catalogued January 24, 2011.

Nicholas Nickleby was catalogued August 4, 2011.

Bleak House was catalogued March 27, 2012.

Little Dorrit was catalogued December 1, 2012.

In the works -- Great Expectations

She has received fan mail from around the world! Here are a few examples:

Dear Ms Nicholson,
…I am presently listening to your reading of Dombey and Son, which you did for Librivox and I had to interrupt my pleasure in it to express my gratitude for your excellent performance. Frankly, your reading excels many Library recordings of books and it is a great privilege to have a person of your ability who is generous enough to dedicate so many hours of your time in the production of a recording that is available to all. Thank you with all my heart for your wonderful performance. Your vocal range is amazing and your interpretations of the voices of the many different characters paints vivid pictures of their faces and personalities in my mind in a wonderful way. You appear to have a very intimate familiarity with Dickens' books that speaks of a committment to excellence.
I do wish you much success in your commercial interests. Your ability as a narrator is just amazing.
All the best
Michael Burke
   My wife and I have just finished  listening to your splendid reading of "Dombey and Son". We have not had such  pleasure from the delights in Librivox as we have from this story. Your effort  to produce such a faultless account of the material was greatly appreciated. We  understand the time that this venture would have taken.
   We have a low power FM  transmitter and have listened to the story on our radios while working on  various chores in the house or garden. It adds to the enjoyment to know that we  are listening together and can at intervals discus the story and the insights of  Dickens into the human condition as revealed in the story.
   Thank you for the time, skill  and effort that went into this mammoth task.

   Gay and Bryan  Trenwith
 Auckland, New  Zealand

  Hello, Ms. Nicholson. Your reading of “Dombey and Son” for is brilliant! And genius, when found, make a note of.
Thanks for providing so many hours of delight.

Tom Rood

thank you for the many entertaining hours Dombey provided me. Your reading voice and characterizations reign supreme! Please do another Dickens - I'd happily recommend any  reading to all my friends - for free or otherwise.
Pete Kapelke, Salt Lake City Utah, USA

I just wanted to stop by and extend my sincerest thanks to Mil Nicholson (sp?), for her absolutely superb recording of Dombey and Son! Everything about it was enjoyable, particularly the voices Mil assigned to the characters. Her take on Major Bagstock was a hoot, and I also loved Capt. Cuttle and Mrs. Skewton.
(From Librivox forum)
Reviewer: TheBookworm - - April 7, 2009
Subject: Fabulous reading!
Is Dombey the zenith of Dickens' talent?
Maybe. The emotional depth of this novel is profound but it's not overly grim and introspective, for there are weird and wonderful characters here aplenty. And the ending is redemptive.

We may assume that Mil Nicholson, the reader, is a professional actor who is presently ah... resting. Her voice characterisations are flawlessly consistent from beginning to end of this long (but not long enough) novel.
A wonderful recording in the best tradition of LibriVox. Thank you, Mil, for making my drive to work a pleasure.


Dear Mil,

  I have just finished listening to your LibriVox recording of Dombey & Son and want to send you a heartfelt thanks for this marvelous gift.  Your voice took me on a magical Dickens journey I could never have experienced by reading this novel.  In fact, I'm quite sure I would never have read this book.  Instead, I had the pleasure of living in its colorful rainbow of characters and settings, suspenses and resolutions for many weeks through your amazing voices.  I can't truly express my gratitude for this experience, but wanted to at least try.  Bless you.  I hope to hear more of your stories... and to spread them far and wide.

  Catherine Nickum
Seattle, Washington (USA)


Reviewer: Philippe Horak - - December 1, 2009
Subject: A spectacular recording!

Dickens' first historical novel is set against the infamous 'No Popery' riots that were instigated by Lord George Gordon in 1780, and terrorised London for days. Prejudice, intolerance, misplaced religious and nationalistic fervour, together with the villains who would exploit these for political ends, are Dicken's targets. His vivid account of the riots at the heart of the novel is interwoven with the mysterious tale of a long unsolved murder, and a romance that combines forbidden love, passion, treachery and heroism. A typically rich cast of characters, from the snivelling Mrs Miggs and the posturing Simon Tappertit to the half-witted Barnaby Rudge of the title, ensures high entertainment.

A fantastic recording indeed! Mil Nicholson’s extraordinary reading of the novel is a real symphony to listen to.
An impressive performance of 29 hours. Many thanks!


Reviewer: TheBookworm - - March 17, 2010
Subject: Wonderful reading

Mil does a fabulous job reading this classic. A professional voice actor, I'm guessing. More please!

TheBookworm (Manchester, UK)


Reviewer: aimzzz - - March 16, 2010

Subject: Wow, just wow...
The comment by Philippe Horak gives a concise and excellent overview of the book. I'll focus on the reading by Mil Nicholson. "Reading" does not begin to describe how she handled the book. She seems to become the story. In the 2nd half, I often forgot there was a reader. Not only did she assume the attributes of the many characters, but she paces the tempo with the action. If you find it a little slow in the beginning, hanging around the fireplace at the Maypole, don't make a snap judgement... hang on & get ready for a wild ride.


Dear Mil Nicholson,

Your recording of BARNABY RUDGE is simply superb. I’m writing to thank you for your very great gift of this intelligent, engaging, nuanced, and appropriately dramatic reading of an under-appreciated Dickens novel.

Having just taught a seminar on Charles Dickens, I was experiencing withdrawall symptoms that prompted me to see what recorded Dickens novels I might find at Librivox that I could enjoy on my iPod during daily walks and long commutes by automobile to the university. By chance, I decided to listen to BARNABY, a book I had nearly forgotten, and I had the stunning good fortune to download your version of it. Your recording is enthralling and inspiring. Your remarkable range of performance and your astute grasp and rendering of this text have shown me dimensions I previously missed entirely on the printed page.

Congratulations on a wonderful achievement. As you may know, Dickens himself took great pride in his own public readings (performances, actually) of his books. He would also be bound to be proud of yours!


Richard Mathews


Posted: Wed Dec 09, 2009 9:11 pm
Subject: barnaby rudge
I just wanted to say how much I enjoyed your reading of Barnaby Rudge - I listen to a lot of audiobooks, and I found yours up there with some of the best professional readings I've listened to .

Thanks very much - it must have taken you forever to do this.
Kind Regards


We have just finished listening to your reading of "Barnaby Rudge" on Librivox and we write to let you know the pleasure that you have given us.
Your interpretation of the book was excellent and we thoroughly enjoyed listening as we went about our various gardening and other chores.

The voices you gave the characters added so much to the story. We especially enjoyed Grip.
Thank you for the vast amount of time and effort on the project.

Best regards
Gay and Bryan Trenwith
New Zealand



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